Zinc is second most abundant trace mineral found in human body. This means you don’t actually need a lot of zinc in your body, but the deficiency of the minute percentage can cause great deal of problems. If you are looking for the best zinc supplement, or want to improve your zinc intake because your body doesn’t have enough of it, AHP zinc powder is probably what you need. What is AHP zinc powder? Haven’t you heard of it yet? The world is going mad over the ancient yet modern ways to heal human body with ayurveda and AHP zinc powder is just another example of what nature and do. AHP stands for ayurvedically herbo purified. AHP zinc powder hence is the zinc powder that has undergone an ayurvedic process of purification using herbs. Yes, this is what it means. Now you must be thinking what difference does it make, right? Yes, AHP zinc powder contains the goodness of zinc and it has all the healing abilities that zinc powder possesses.

Then how is it different from other forms of zinc available for human use? More particularly, how can one be sure that AHP zinc powder is the best zinc supplement? The following AHP zinc powder benefits will give you an answer.

The first and probably the most crucial AHP zinc powder benefits is its impact on immune system. Immune system is literally what is keeping us alive. It is the body’s natural disease fighting mechanism that identifies every foreign micro organism and tries to kill it by producing appropriate response. A weak immunity leads to frequent infections and other diseases. On the other hand, a stronger immunity is a surety of strength, health and happiness. Because of several factors, average human immunity is deteriorating. If we go on talking about these factors, it will take a lot of time. But, as a result, humans have to seek ways to improve immunity. Several studies published in the European Journal of Immunology have indicated that Zinc has a great role in strengthening the immune response.

How? Human body needs zinc to activate T lymphocytes or T cells, the cells that control and regulate immune response. These are also the cells that attack any infected cells of human body to make sure the infection doesn’t propagate. Hence, if you have a compromised immunity, these AHP zinc powder benefits may be availed by you. Apart from all the factors responsible for compromised immunity, zinc deficiency also is one of them. From those who are deficient in zinc, AHP zinc powder is the best zinc supplement.

Zinc is also good for a stomach in trouble. Usually a short period of course of zinc tablets is given to patients dealing with diarrhea. Yes, zinc is effective in treating diarrhea and not only just the treatment, but you can also prevent the future bouts of the same with the use of AHP zinc powder- the best zinc supplement one can use and get benefitted.

By now, we have seen the AHP zinc powder benefits relating to immunity and stomach. However, zinc supplement is also given to people struggling with a neurological disorder. If you don’t believe it, you will once you go through what researchers have to say about the wonder mineral. According to a study published in the journal Neuron, zinc has a crucial role in regulating how neurons communicate with one another. This directly affects memory formation and learning abilities. And for this reason, doctors recommend zinc supplement to children sometimes. However, we will see how AHP zinc powder is the best zinc supplement and why you should not rely on the conventional supplements in the later sections. For the time being, it would be more than enough to just be aware of the fact that one of the AHP zinc powder benefits is helping in neurological problems and memory related issues.

By raising the immunity with the help of T cells, zinc help human body stay safe of infections. However, it is not always possible to keep infections at bay and in such cases you can use AHP zinc powder as the best zinc supplement as a treatment to infections. Zinc can treat infections like common cold, pneumonia and many others.

Zinc can help wounds heal faster and hence you can use it in repairing of skin damaged because of a wound or an infection. One of the prominent AHP zinc powder benefits is treating cold sores, allergies, acne and other problems where your skin suffers a lot. It can reduce the haling time in some cases, while in many others, it helps in prevention of skin allergies.

People use zinc supplements to defy age to stay young and healthy till late. There are research evidences stating the effectiveness of zinc in delaying the process of aging. However, if you take the conventional zinc supplement, it has its own set of inseparable side effects. So, it is better you go for AHP zinc powder- the best zinc supplement. For people in fertility trouble, particularly males, it may be surprising that your infertility may be related to low levels of zinc in your body. researchers have indicated that poor zinc status can be linked with low sperm quality, and this in turn can cause infertility and many other problems. Hence, one of the AHP zinc powder benefits is improving the quality of sperms and hence improving the fertility in males.

There are only a few health problems where zinc cannot find its role. Bone related issues like osteoporosis can also be resolved with the use of zinc supplement. For this, you must rely only on the AHP zinc powder benefits because to cure osteoporosis using zinc supplement, you might have to use it for a longer time. And it is always better to choose something healthy when you know it is going to go into your body for a longer time period, right? Well, there are several other benefits of choosing AHP zinc powder benefits over the conventional zinc supplement that you will get to know in a short while and then you can decide on your won.

These were some of the AHP zinc powder benefits and better start using it in order to know about everything the powder can do to your health. Now, one important question is not yet answered. In the beginning, we discussed about how can we be sure that AHP zinc powder is the best zinc supplement. Yes, the above list of AHP zinc supplement is quite impressive, but can’t we get all that with any other zinc supplement. The honest answer is a big no. Yes, you are reading it right. There are many zinc supplements available in the market being sold at a variety of prices too. Some are of medium price while there are few claiming of quality being sold at an unimaginably high price.

Some people use the moderate ones while others get fooled by the false claims and spend their hard earned money on supplements that aren’t actually effective. First of all you cannot be sure of exactly what the supplement is made up of. Secondly, and most importantly, the process through which the supplement is prepared involves artificial chemicals. These chemicals ruin the healing abilities of zinc and what you get on the name of zinc supplement doesn’t have anything to do with it.

This is harsh, but true to every extent. You can never trust the supplements of zinc available in market and hence you should look for a natural alternative. And AHP zinc powder benefits are not only tempting, but they are actually true. Since AHP zinc powder is processed strictly according to the ayurvedic processes, nothing can beat this natural product for effectiveness. With the use of herbs, the healing abilities of zinc are kept intact and what you get has some added advantages of the herbs used in purifying. Yes, AHP zinc powder benefits are indeed much more intense than normal zinc benefits. This is more than enough to see why AHP zinc powder is the best zinc supplement anyone can use. So, we have given you the best option, but it is you who have to choose and act. The key to a healthy life lies in AHP zinc powder, and unlocking the doors will depend on your intent to enter into a healthy phase of your life.


The healing properties of silver are nowadays creating a buzz in every corner of the world. Every one today is interested in silver for one or the other reason. However, for many it is the only source to get their life back on track. Yes, I am talking about all those herpes patients who were living a hopeless life with frequent herpes outbreaks and expensive antiviral drugs. Herpes is a sexually transmitted infection cause by herpes simplex virus type 1 and herpes simplex virus type 2. Although there are many other varieties of viruses belonging to the herpes family, but, usually these two are the sources of real trouble. This is something probably every one today is familiar with. No matter in which part of the world you are and how hard you try to assume that you don’t know anything about herpes, it is a truth that almost one in four adults in the United States get it at some point of time. So, rather than pretending things and making fun of others, it is better we just accept that herpes is everywhere today. This cannot completely change the situation, but yes, the treatment will become much easier. Well, this is going to take a lot of time, but AHP Silver powder can actually help. Yes, it can help in both- the treatment as well as acceptance. How? Let us see what using AHP silver powder for herpes is like and how it can impact the patient as well as the society.

We have given you the reason behind herpes and it is a virus. Allopathy has no answer to viruses and hence the antiviral drugs you use fail badly. In addition to being ineffective, the commonly prescribed antiviral drugs have tremendous side effects. Your health will go on deteriorating and the rate will depend on the frequency of intake. At some point of time, you will have to think- what is more dangerous- the infection or the pills you are taking. Yes, it is true that herpes is annoying, it is embarrassing and so on, but it is not life threatening. But the antiviral drugs make your body weak day by day and you gradually become a human with no energy, no hope, extremely low immunity and frequent herpes outbreaks. All this is enough to make your life hell, right? Yes, it indeed is, but only when you give antiviral drugs a chance. Today we are going to see how AHP silver cures herpes and how this wonder product can help you in avoiding what antiviral drugs do to your body.

You must have heard about silver treating various infections. If not, let me tell you that it is a research backed fact that silver can kill almost any micro organism that is harmful for human body.  Of the hundreds of studies carried out on silver medical benefits, the one that made it gain popularity was a study that tested the silver nanoparticles for effectiveness in curing HIV. All of you know that HIV is a life threatening disease and the cure of it isn’t possible because it is also caused by a virus. No allopathic drug can save a life of HIV patients. But silver has hopes attached to it. In a study “Mode of antiviral action of silver nanoparticles against HIV-1”, the researchers tried to see whether the silver nanoparticles had an impact on the deadliest virus on this planet. The research showed a clear effectiveness of the magical particles and HIV patients found great relief. This surely is just an indication of the healing potential of the naturally occurring substance. If it can be beneficial in HIV, it can indeed beat herpes simplex virus, right?

Several studies have emerged showing that metal nanoparticles can be effective antiviral agents against HIV-1, hepatitis B virus, respiratory syncytial virus, herpes simplex virus type 1, monkeypox virus, influenza virus, and Tacaribe virus. But, let us see the clear impacts of silver nano particles on herpes simplex virus.

Silver is believed to have antiviral properties. This means it can kill any virus dwelling inside human body. Yes, we have antiviral drugs like valacyclovir, acyclovir etc. but they are only named as antiviral. The drugs are used only to suppress the symptoms and have no capabilities to kill the virus. However, the antiviral action of some naturally occurring substances and herbs is giving some hope to the medicinal science. Silver is one such substance. Hence, if used in the right form and at the right time, silver has the potential to kill herpes simplex virus.

In addition to the unmatchable antiviral properties, the natural substance also has a reach to human brain. With herpes comes a lot of stress and a variety of emotions like embarrassment, fear of rejection and what not. Mind is not stable enough to deal with such a roller coaster ride at once. It is hence not uncommon to see people going in depression. Stress and depression are two of the major triggers to herpes outbreaks. To break this cycle of stress followed by herpes outbreaks and outbreaks causing stress, you can use silver in a safe and natural form. Silver can calm down your upset mind and it can also help in improving memory.

You can get rid of the cold sores as well as the other symptoms of herpes soon if you use this natural product. However, there are many questions about how to use silver.

Yes, silver is not a herb and hence there are many doubts about its safety too. This is why we have been talking about the use of AHP silver for herpes. AHP silver stands for ayurvedically herbo purified silver. Now you know that silver is effective in herpes, we will see how AHP silver cures herpes. AHP silver is the best possible form in which you can take in silver to fight with the menace we call herpes. Because of the following reasons, we can see the best treatment of herpes in AHP silver for herpes.

It is a natural form and hence you can trust it for effectiveness. After failure of allopathic and chemically synthesized drugs, if something can heal herpes patients, it is definitely natural cure. And AHP silver is completely natural with no added chemicals.

As suggested by the name, it is purified according to the process described in ancient ayurvedic texts, you can be sure that the healing properties of silver will be preserved. All the methods of manufacturing ayurvedic medicines and purifying heavy metals revolves around preserving the healing abilities of nature. And here to, we can relax because none of the benefits of silver is going to be destroyed.

Silver is a metal and many believe that there are some side effects associated whenever you allow any metal to enter your body. However, there are methods of purification available in ayurveda because of which, ayurvedic medicines contain metals like gold, diamond and even silver. It is believed that the metals are transformed into ashes and this just keeps the healing abilities while burning the hazardous part.

In short, AHP silver ensures the mineral retains the healing qualities and removes the possibilities of side effects, if there are any. Now you must have an idea of how AHP silver cures herpes, right? Yes, there are definitely many advantages of using AHP silver for herpes and those who have used it have reported some significant improvements in their health as well as herpes outbreaks. Fewer herpes outbreaks, enhanced immunity, calm mind and a stress free life are a few things that you are going to get on using AHP silver for herpes for sure. And they surely mean a lot to a herpes patient. However, it isn’t too much. You are just asking for a normal life. Yes, it is time we understand that herpes patients are also normal people. They haven’t committed any crime, nor are they paying for the sins of the last birth. It is just an infection that can be dealt with the use of AHP silver for herpes and a few other natural products if required.

You too can try AHP silver for herpes and this is definitely going t change your life forever. You will no more regret to have the infection because your life will become normal and herpes free once again. All the research findings, the people who used it and the ancient science with which the mineral is purified makes it a must try solution to herpes. What do you think?


Herpes is scientifically a sexually transmitted infections caused because of herpes simplex virus. However, even in the modern society, this definition isn’t accepted and herpes is treated nothing less than as a curse. People make fun of it like anything without even realizing what the patient must have been going through. Adding to all this is the failure of modern medicine to give a befitting reply to the nasty virus. The incurable status attached with the infection is not changing even after so many efforts from scientists all around the world. This is making the infection a threat to the entire world. On the top of it is the developing resistance towards antiviral drugs available. Several recent researches have indicated that human body is gradually developing resistance towards the antiviral drugs used against herpes. Now this is going to make life of herpes patients hell. Antiviral drugs are all you had as a temporary source of relief, right? Well, you can try to cure herpes naturally with not temporary, but permanent effective and safe cure for herpes. You might be tensed after reading about the antiviral resistance, but, if you think rationally, they absolutely contribute nothing in curing herpes.

Yes, this is the bitter truth about the harmful drugs you have been taking all this while. They were just introducing adverse effects in human body under the pretext of curing herpes. Many herpes patients were well aware of this fact and they have directed their energy and money to cure herpes naturally. But, many others were still relying excessively on allopathic drugs, and now they are searching for- “how to treat herpes”. This is a million dollar question today and a true answer is far away from antiviral therapies. Even a blind now can understand that allopathic medicines have nothing to do with herpes. But, How to treat herpes still remains unanswered. At some places you will also get to see that you should cure herpes naturally. But, this again is a mystery because nobody actually knows how to cure herpes naturally. So, let us today resolve all the mysteries related to herpes and see how to treat herpes forever.

Starting from scratch, herpes simplex virus is responsible behind two types of herpes- oral herpes and genital herpes. One of the most common infections in the United States, it infects almost one out of 6 people from any one type of herpes. The characteristic of herpes simplex virus is its hiding capability and ability to lie dormant in human body. Most people having herpes have mild symptoms. Many people never have symptoms even though they are carrying the virus. Its symptoms include not feeling well, fever, blisters and ulceration on the cervix, pain while urinating and vaginal discharge, cold sores around the mouth and as blisters on the genitals. Generally there are two types of herpes viruses causing herpes, i.e. HSV Type 1 and HSV Type 2. Genital herpes is believed to be caused by herpes simplex type 2 virus. But in adults of younger age its cause is nowadays found to be type 1 HSV also. The herpes simplex virus is effortlessly human transmissible.

Oral herpes is no less dangerous and the major challenge the patients of oral herpes face is hiding the ugly sores. According to a study, more than fifty percent of the adult population in the United States suffers from some kind of oral herpes. Pain, burning at the infection site before the sores appear, oral sores, gums swelling, and swelling in the neck lymph nodes are some of the common symptoms or oral herpes. It is transmitted through direct contact between the contagious area and broken skin and mucous membrane tissue. These were the two most common types of herpes and it is time we see how to treat herpes.  Let us see how one can cure herpes naturally.

How to treat herpes

Although you might be interested in what is effective and in trend these days, let us quickly see some of the alternatives. There are antiviral medicines, such as acyclovir, famciclovir and valacyclovir but they can only reduce the symptoms and can’t cure the infection. A huge number of adverse effects and drug resistance are the two major issues besides ineffectiveness. Considering it as an incurable disease with the help of antivirals, there is a shift towards curing it naturally. We overlook the useful remedies at home and rush to the medicine store urgently in case of a sudden outbreak or for any other reason. Apart from this, there are natural alternatives like Epsom salt bath, tea tree oil and other such herbal remedies. But, these are only remedies that can be used with an expectation of slight relief. Herpes is something that needs a multidimensional cure and hence these herbs and natural cure can be used only to get relief in some particular symptoms. For instance tea tree oil is excellent for cold sores, but it is unable to address other aspects of the infection.

Cure herpes naturally with herpoveda

We know herbs are effective and one solution can be to combine several herbs to get a desired outcome. However, for this you need to study a lot about herbs as you cannot simply go on mixing any two random things. After all, it is going to affect your health and you cannot take a chance. So, combining herbs is not an answer to how to treat herpes. Thankfully we have herpoveda as an answer to every problem faced by any herpes patient on this planet. Herpoveda is nor a drug, neither a new chemical formula that would help you with cold sores in exchange of a bundle of side effects. In just one line, it is the much needed gift of ayurveda to herpes patients. Yes, the world now has an answer to herpes that cure herpes naturally. In herpoveda, several herbs are combines to make a strong scientific formula that can beat herpes. All the herbs included in the preparation are proven for their medicinal benefits and safety of use. Hence you can be sure of its safety and efficacy both.

Have you heard the name of licorice root or peepal or holy basil? Herpoveda is a combination of these medicinal herbs and many more. Ficus Religiosa (peepal), Neem (Azadirachta Indica), Hypericum Mysorense, holy basil ( tulsi), Mahamanjisthadi Qwath, Triphala, Vachellia Nilotica (babul), Acaeia Catechu (Khair), Lawsonia inermis (Mehandi) and Tinospora cordifolia (giloy) are some of the primary ingredients of herpoveda. Till last few years, these herbs were only in stories from our ancestors and were a part of traditional beliefs, but today, we have research proofs against each of the herb used in herpoveda. All the research on these herbs primarily focuses on the safety and usefulness in common health problems. For herpes too we have more than sufficient proofs that if something can cure herpes, it is only nature and natural medicines. We have gained so much of expertise in the medicinal field with new developments every day.

thyme oil for herpes outbreaksHerpes virus is like an uninvited guest, which comes often without making noise. Once it manages to enter your body somehow, it will continue troubling you for lifetime in the absence of effective solution to get rid of it. But this was just the past as we now have an effective solution to cure herpes naturally and that is herpoveda. Tested by scientists from all around the world and tried by thousands of herpes patients, this is definitely the change every herpes patient was eagerly waiting for. Starting from psychological therapy to physical healing, it is a holistic healer that assists you throughout your comeback from the trauma while making sure that there are no side effects involved in the healing process. It is much better option than wasting thousands of dollars just on a two lines of prescription given by the doctor, who anyway never has time to explain anything.

Every herb in picked up after conforming its antiviral action as well as other medicinal benefits. While combining, ayurveda and ayurvedic formulas are taken as a base. After a detailed analysis, followed by natural preprocessing and mixing the herbs in fixed proportion, the scientific mixture is prepared. This ayurvedic combination of medicinal herbs is the best possible way to cure herpes naturally because it has everything a herpes patient require. You too can go for it. Because it is made up of all natural herbs, you do not have to think twice before starting the use of herpoveda. Once you choose this amazing natural product, you don’t actually have to bother about how to treat herpes because this is going to give you a herpes free life.


You have had enough of the herpes outbreaks, the ugly and painful cold sores and the feeling of guilt. In this year, no herpes patient will live with an uncertainty of waking up with the cold sores the next morning. You can also stay calm and live a life free of both- herpes and well as antiviral drugs. By the way, have you ever thought about what is more dangerous out of the two? This comparison would surprise you only if you have blind faith on antiviral drugs. If you are aware of the ill effects of antiviral medicines, there is no point of considering it any less harmful, right? It is true that herpes is a complicated infection, but there are many other aspects related to the infection that contribute to make the life of a herpes patient hell. Well, in 2019, all these aspects will diminish as we have found a holistic, permanent and natural solution to herpes. Yes, herpes cure 2019 is no more a dream and you can hope to eradicate the virus from your body. If you think I am talking about a mild natural solution that can simply suppress the symptoms of herpes outbreak, herpes cure 2019 is surely not that ineffective. So, whenever I refer to herpes cure 2019, it is nothing but herpoveda for herpes cure. Haven’t yet heard of herpoveda and herpes cure? Don’t worry we will today talk about herpes cure 2019 that is going to change your life forever.

You might have seen these kinds of claims many times in past, but today, we will tell you how and why herpoveda and herpes cure are synonyms. We will also throw light on how herpoveda for herpes cure works and why you should choose this method of treating your problem. So, in all you are going to get everything you need to live a herpes free life and herpes cure 2019 is going to help you achieve this. So, let us get started and see how herpoveda is the best herpes cure 2019 and what makes it a gift of life for herpes sufferers.

Herpoveda is a scientific fusion of ayurvedic herbs that were traditionally believed to be medicinally effective. We perceive ayurveda as an ancient science only, but in case you don’t know, it is no more devoid of scientific studies and almost every ayurvedic medicine in today backed up by scientific evidences. Some is the case with herpoveda. Every herb included in the preparation of herpoveda for herpes cure is loaded with medicinal benefits and it is also proven by science. So, you can be sure of both- effectiveness as well as safety. Well, this sounds fine, but what exactly is herpoveda. Herpoveda for herpes cure is in news and every herpes patient is curious about it. There are many places you will find the name of the ayurvedic solution, but no one is talking about the internal details. So, let us dig a bit deeper and see what the ingredients of herpoveda are. Although these is no point in discussing about all the herbs that are combined in herpoveda, we can anyway see a few of them.

Babool or Vachellia Nilotica:  According to research published in Indian medicinal plants, Encyclopaedia of World Medicinal Plants, A manual of medicinal trees and Glossary of Indian Medicinal Plants, the bark is a powerful astringent and bark is used in leucorrhoea, hemorrhages, wounds, ulcers and decoction in diarrhea and vaginal secretions. The wound healing capabilities of the tree are very famous and the same can be used in favor of the innocent skin being tortured by reoccurring cold sores. In addition to this, the immunomodulatory properties of the herb have been acknowledged in ancient science like ayurveda and even modern medicine has accepted that babool is a tree with magnificent health enhancing properties. The immunity enhancing property of babool in herpes can suppress the activation of herpes virus and hence help you get rid of the frequent herpes outbreaks.


Giloy or tinospora cordfolia:  According to a recent detailed report on giloy published as “Review on Giloy: The Magic Herb” published in Inventi Rapid: Planta Activa, the herb is a storehouse of many medicinal properties. Giloy is nothing less than a wonder plant and the research evidences don’t leave any doubt on this. We have detailed studies and experiments proving the effectiveness and safety of giloy in various problems like acidity, chronic gastritis, constipation, duodenal ulcer, heartburn, peptic ulcer, mouth ulcer, ulcerative colitis, hepatitis, inflammation of gallbladder, loss of appetite, indigestion, gas or flatulence and bloating etc. For herpes too, it has a lot of properties that our body urgently needs.  The immunomodulatory properties, anti pyretic action and some antiviral properties make giloy one of the most beneficial herbs present in herpoveda and herpes cure is possible because of such strong herbs only.

Licorice root:  Licorice root has recently been in news for treating genital herpes outbreaks effectively, but ancient ayurvedic medicines have had it in some form or the other since the beginning. Drinking the tea made up of licorice root’s powder is one to use licorice root in herpes while applying the extract of licorice root on the cold sores is another way. Both of these are effective, it is just that they work differently. You can use licorice root alone, but if you go for the right ayurvedic formulation in the form of herpoveda for herpes cure, you will get the goodness of many other herbs as every ayurvedic medicine is a combination of more than a dozen of beneficial herbs. Herpoveda is made up of many herbs like licorice root and this ensures strong action against herpes simplex virus.

Neem:  In the year 2010, a research publication – “In vitro antiviral activity of neem (Azardirachta indica L.) bark extract against herpes simplex virus type-1 infection” was published in a leading journal. Although we already have studies proving the antiviral effect of neem, checking it specifically for herpes was important. So we now have scientific proof apart from traditional beliefs. And the presence of neem as one of the herbs in herpoveda for herpes cure increases its credibility. You might have used some part of the plant to keep yourself safe from infections and diseases. It is excellent for skin and also great at killing viruses and bacteria. With so many medicinal properties, we can expect a strong action from neem in killing herpes simplex virus.

Yes, neem is strong enough, but we also have many other herbs that contribute to the healing power of herpoveda for herpes cure. Apart from these medicinal herbs, Ficus Religiosa (peepal), Hypericum Mysorense, holy basil (tulsi), Mahamanjisthadi Qwath, Triphala, Acaeia Catechu (Khair), Lawsonia inermis (Mehandi) and Tinospora cordifolia (giloy) are some of the primary ingredients of herpoveda. It’s okay even if you haven’t heard of all of them. It is just enough to know that all these herbs are medically proven to be effective against herpes and many other viral infections. And a combination of all these create a natural antiviral action strong enough to eradicate all the strands of herpes virus. Till now, things are pretty fine, right? Yes, we have natural herbs curing herpes and since herpoveda is a combination of many herbs, it can produce a strong impact and can eradicate herpes simplex virus. But, why should one choose herpoveda for herpes cure? Why herpes cure 2019 is all about herpoveda and all the hope is with herpoveda? Have a look.


Allopathic Anti-virals like Acyclovir (Zovirax), Famciclovir (Famvir) and others were never effective and noting new has been discovered in the field of herpes cure and all we have are the variants of these three. The inseparable side effects of all the allopathic medicines and the increasing tolerance to antiviral drugs have made ayurveda more than just a traditional science. In every corner of the world, some research on the concept of ayurveda is going on and the results are surprising the entire globe. The science that is ages old have answer to the problems that allopathy cannot resolve even today. Yes, the cure for many problems that are still incurable in allopathy has already been mentioned in ancient ayurvedic texts. Herpes cure 2019 is also nothing new and it was described in ancient ayurvedic texts. However, because of lack of awareness and required trust on such a traditional science, this was lying in books.

But, now we have herpoveda as a dream come true for all the herpes sufferers in the form of herpes cure 2019. Once you know that herpoveda for herpes cure is effective, you will find it easy to accept that you have herpes and it is just an infection. When you know you have a permanent solution to your problem, you will find it easy to fight with it. This is why you should give herpoveda for herpes cure a try. With ayurveda, it becomes a lot easier because it gives you the assurance of holistic healing, and this too is one of the reasons behind choosing herpoveda for herpes cure. Yes, you should not forget that it is ayurvedic and this itself is enough to help you in taking the right decision. However, as it is your life, decision too should be yours. So, take the right step and live a herpes free life.


thyme oil for herpes

Thyme Oil for Herpes – Is Thyme Oil Effective In Herpes ?

Thyme Oil for Herpes – Can Thyme Oil Cure Herpes ?

If you are confused between so many remedies which are known to cure herpes, this is the perfect page for all of you. By this article you can see that there are many remedies which can cure this condition very effectively. Actually, not all the remedies but there are one which I am going to tell you about. That remedy can cure herpes outbreaks very fast.  The name of that remedy is thyme oil for herpes cure. This is the oil which can cure herpes outbreaks efficiently. This is lesser known oil but trust me there is nothing which can cure this disease fast than this oil. So let’s get stated how thyme oil can cure herpes outbreaks.

Thyme is an herb which belongs to the mint family and it is native to Mediterranean region. It is not that this herb become popular now-a-days. In fact, this is the herb which has been used since thousands of years. This is the herb which comes in different varieties. There is only one herb which is known as a thymus vulgaris.

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epsom salt for herpes


Epsom Salt Bath for Herpes – An Effective Herpes Cure

Finding an effective herpes cure has become a big challenge for the scientist’s community as they are working assiduously for years in order to find the cure of one of the most stubborn viruses. It has become a stigma in the society because the people are being discriminated on the basis of herpes infection. Yes, it is true that herpes is one of those diseases that should be kept away but that doesn’t apply to herpes patients. Thing that should be kept in mind is that although this is a highly contagious disease this virus can only be transmitted if you have direct physical contact with the infected person.


When it comes to treating herpes virus the word “cured” has never been used for herpes patient because till date there is no cure available for herpes virus. Yes, there are some contradictory claims that say “herpes cure has been discovered and they have managed to cure herpes virus” but they proved to be only a hoax. If we talk about herpes cure then you may have to be disappointed but herpes symptoms are treatable and for it, there are myriad of treatment options available that can help you find the cure for your herpes symptoms. There are treatment options such as prescribed medications, ointment, natural or herbal remedies and much more that may help you overcome herpes symptoms with or without side effects but today we are going to tell you about an option that is being used rarely but it can be as effective as any other natural remedy.

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dr sebi herpes cure


Dr. Sebi Herpes Cure v/s Herpes Virus – Who Is Going to Win the Battle ?

Today we are living in the world where different type of diseases and infections are affecting millions of people around us and now, the new one infection has come in the list, herpes virus. Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that is affecting millions of people around us.


Herpes can cause painful blisters and cold sores on the mouth, lips and in genital parts of the body. Herpes lives dormant in your nerve cells throughout your life. Once you get this virus, it is very difficult to get rid of it. Herpes is a highly contiguous virus that you can easily get from your infected partner. The questions that arising are, is herpes curable? Is there any cure for herpes? If you are a herpes sufferer, there are lot of questions that can bother your mind and create the feelings of depression, anxiety and stress.

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Herpes Cure 2017 – Is Herpes Curable?

You have just tested positive for herpes, what’s the next thought coming in your mind. Is there any cure for herpes? Is herpes treatable? What are the treatment options for herpes? These all questions can give you so much stress. But do not frustrate too much because you are not alone. There are millions of people who are suffering from herpes. Today, we are giving the answers of all your questions and will tell you about the different treatment approaches that could help you to bring your life back on the track.

Important Information About Herpes

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that can easily spread from one person to another. You can get herpes virus from your infected partner who has no visible symptoms. There are many people who are suffering from HSV1 and HSV2. Herpes is one of the most embarrassing illnesses one can experience. People may feel lack of confidence and low self-esteem due to genital herpes.

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Can herpes be a reason for corneal blindness- Eye Herpes Treatment

Eye Herpes Treatment -Herpes And Eye Blindness

The cornea is the eye’s outermost layer. It is the clear, dome shaped surface that covers the front of the eye. It plays an important role in focusing your vision. HSV (herpes simplex virus) keratitis is an infection on cornea, the clear dome that covers the colored part of the eye. HSV keratitis is a major cause of blindness worldwide. HSV 1 also causes cold sores on the mouth, is most common cause of corneal infections.

Causes of cornea blindness

Herpes type 1 is very contagious and commonly transmitted by skin to skin contact with someone who has the virus. Herpes simplex virus is the most frequent cause of corneal blindness. Herpes in an incurable disease, but you can control its symptoms and also prevent further infections. Almost 90 percent of the population of United States is exposed to type 1 herpes usually during their childhood. After the infection, the virus lies in a dormant state, living in nerve cells of the skin and eye. Reactivation can be triggered in a number of ways, including

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Is Herpes curable? – Herpes Cure 2017

Herpes Cure 2017 For All

Hello friends, we are about to be entered in 2017. Entering in a new year is always a feeling of joy, happiness and being treated by some of our family members and friends set our mood to genuinely welcome the upcoming year. Well we too don’t want to spoil your joy and today we are about to reveal about some kind of impossible looking subject that has been discussed for decades but it always was difficult to make any consensus on it and it is herpes cure 2017.

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