Frequently asked Questions for Dr Sebi Cure for herpes:

Which product should I buy for herpes healing?

Ans. If you are looking for a complete and comprehensive healing program, you should buy Dr Sebi cure for herpes Kit. This kit contains all the five major ingredients of Dr Sebi natural cure for herpes. This is the kit that has helped many people including celebs and big businessmen get rid of herpes.

How long do I have to take the Dr Sebi cure for herpes Kit ?

Ans.  You need to take it atleast for 6 months regularly. Some people might to take it for 10-12 months also, it differs from person to person but the minm about you should take is 6 months.  But, you should remember that all these products are perfectly healthy for your body and all your organs so taking it for long time is only going to make your health better.

What can I eat or not eat and what is my diet supposed to be when I am taking Dr Sebi Herpes cure.

Ans. Well this is really important. Diet control is really important. You don’t have to eat meat, fish or any animal food. You should try to take vegan food as much as possible. You can find more about it on our website and on YouTube Channel . Just look for dr sebi diet for herpes patients.

How long does the Dr Sebi cure for herpes Kit last?

Ans. The kit that we send you is for one month. If you want more in one go you can order muntiple kits at one time.

I am having problems making the payment, what can I do?

Ans. Well you can write to us on and we will help you.