thyme oil for herpes

Thyme Oil for Herpes – Is Thyme Oil Effective In Herpes ?

Thyme Oil for Herpes – Can Thyme Oil Cure Herpes ?

If you are confused between so many remedies which are known to cure herpes, this is the perfect page for all of you. By this article you can see that there are many remedies which can cure this condition very effectively. Actually, not all the remedies but there are one which I am going to tell you about. That remedy can cure herpes outbreaks very fast.  The name of that remedy is thyme oil for herpes cure. This is the oil which can cure herpes outbreaks efficiently. This is lesser known oil but trust me there is nothing which can cure this disease fast than this oil. So let’s get stated how thyme oil can cure herpes outbreaks.

Thyme is an herb which belongs to the mint family and it is native to Mediterranean region. It is not that this herb become popular now-a-days. In fact, this is the herb which has been used since thousands of years. This is the herb which comes in different varieties. There is only one herb which is known as a thymus vulgaris.

How to Use Thyme Oil for Herpes?

thyme oil for herpes

This oil has different-different chemical components which depend on the region where this plant grows. Thyme oil has very strong microbial power and this is the reason that in some conditions this oil is safe for use and in some it is not.  If you are a beginner to use this, you can mix this in your bathing water or add this into another essential oil.

It is very important to know that this is safe for you or not otherwise it can make your blisters worst. Yes, this is the condition in which you can get painful, itchy, ugly and inflamed blisters. This is the condition which is caused by herpes simplex virus. This is the virus which is known to cause chickenpox, shingles, brain infection, oral herpes and genital herpes.

According to studies oral and genital herpes are the diseases which are very common in United States and South Africa. This is the disease which causes blisters. Oh yes! I want to tell you one more thing and that is it is also possible that even after having herpes you don’t get blisters. Yes, this can be possible and this is the main reason that many of the people don’t know that they are carrying this virus.

A person without visible sores can also pass this virus to others…..

If you are thinking that to pass this virus it is important to have visible sores or active virus, you are wrong. No, the herpes patient who don’t have active sores can also pass this virus to the other person.

So, keep this thing in mind and maintain enough distance between you and the infected person. Whether he/she has oral herpes or genital you have to be very careful. If you know anyone who has herpes, you can suggest him to use thyme oil to cure his outbreaks.

This is most frequently used and beneficial oil in aromatherapy, but always use this oil carefully. Thyme oil has anti-bacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-biotic and expectorant properties. These are some properties which make this oil the best oil for herpes.  This is the oil by which you can cure cold and flu also.

immune system

In addition to killing microbes, thyme oil helps the body to eliminate toxins and boost immune system by supporting the formation of white blood cells.  There are many other uses of thyme oil and that are; you can use this to cure respiratory infections and this is very useful against flu, cold, sore throat, asthma, cough and bronchitis as well.

Thyme oil can be used for physical and psychological weakness and still today you can use this oil for the same purpose. You can also use this in the condition of insomnia because thyme oil’s effects are balancing. This is the oil which acts as an anti-bacterial agent. This is the oil which has all the properties which can make this oil the best oil for herpes cure.  You might have known that herpes is the disease which is incurable and even you use thyme oil you just can’t get rid from this virus. There is nothing which can give you relief from his virus. But you can cure the outbreaks, I think this is reason that people can’t live with herpes. Until the permanent herpes cure comes you can use this oil to manage the outbreaks.

thyme oil for herpes outbreaks

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